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Christmas Cash for Kids


Christmas Cash for Kids

In 1975, an announcer working at radio station, WZYQ, received a very distressing phone call from one of his listeners. There was a family in the Frederick area that would have no Christmas. The disc jockey made the decision and the station raised nearly $1,500, enough to provide Christmas for several families.

It was snowing on that Christmas Eve as “Santa” (the disc jockey) drove along a dirt road north of Frederick. He found a wooden shack. The mother and her three children didn’t live there. They lived in the shanty behind the shack. Santa knocked at the door. A little girl answered. She threw her arms around Santa and exclaimed, “My mommy said you’d be too busy, but I knew you’d come!”

“Christmas Cash for Kids” was born.

Since then, “Christmas Cash for Kids” has become a holiday tradition in Frederick County. It has evolved into the single largest provider of children’s toys and clothing for those who would otherwise have to do without. 

Again this year, WFMD is working with the Salvation Army, a local Frederick bank and many other businesses and organizations to raise money to provide Frederick children with a Christmas they would otherwise miss.

None of the money received is used for any overhead expenses. It’s taken to the bank and can only be used after two authorizations. The funds are spent in Frederick County stores and purchases are based on quality and price. Please don’t go out and buy toys. “Christmas Cash for Kids” can purchase the appropriate gifts, clothing, and supplies at much better rates. Take you donation to the station or send in a check or money order made payable to “Christmas Cash for Kids”

Here’s what you can do as a business. If you’re a retail business, put out a collection can. Put up a poster in your storefront window. Pass the hat in your company or come up with unique ways of collecting money, i.e. dress down days, funny hat or whatever you can come up with. Check below for a poster to show you are working to raise money for “Christmas Cash for Kids”.

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